WhatsRemoved Plus App

Hey guys today we are sharing new app.WhatsRemoved+ is an application that allows you to monitor notifications and folders in the pursuit of changes and deleted files so you never miss anything in your favorite messaging applications. WhatsRemoved+, uses the technology developed for < b>WhatsRemoved (color.dev.com.magenta), removed from the Google Play Store for violating WhatsApp’s terms of service.

While the original application was focused solely on detecting deleted messages from WhatsApp, we have expanded our sights to reach all messaging applications and even beyond. During the installation, you can select the applications and folders that you want to monitor as long as don’t violate its terms of service.

Download Scan folders looking for deleted files.A window for viewing all deleted messages.Easy to configure.Save a history of the notifications you choose.Detects changes in notifications and notifies you of this.
A tab for each application with notification history.System of search by groups of notifications.Learning algorithms for a more precise and simple installation.

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