Simple Notepad App

Hai folks today we are sharing new use this “Simple Notepad” If you wanted to make a note in everyday life.This handy notepad app & Call Identifier is your best solution. This free notes app allows quick creation and sharing of notes online with just one click right after a call, saving you lots of time. The Caller ID function provides you with full details of the caller, even the ones not in your contact list. You can then use all the useful information from the caller Id screen when note taking, so that you don’t forget any important details!

Press the top right corner of the icon to create a note.You can delete the note when you hold down the item of the note.The contents of the note can be transferred to other apps.In the setting screen, you can change font size and position of the cursor in the editor.Simple Notepad is the best notes app for Android, allowing you to take notes quickly and easily, direct after calls and when you’re on the go.

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