Dont Touch My Phone App

Hai friends today we are sharing new app.Don’t Touch my Phone and raise alarm is a fantastic touched app , that prevents others to touch your phone while placed on table and if any one try to stole or pick phone then phone ringtone wil start ringing, my ringtone list is available to select any ringtone . This app is security solution for those who want to say please don’t touch; don’t touch my smartphone or want to know who touched my phone.

Download Many alarm tones are included for alarm touching and theft touching and mobile touch . Simply select your favorite theft alarm tone and mobile touch tone. so don’t touch my mobile have lots of useful options . Now no need to say don’t tap my phone or dont touch my smart phone because you have don’t touch my phone. your phone is completely protected with don’t touch phone privacy antifurto de celular .

PIN feature is also available in do not touch my phone app to prevent your valuable privacy from snoopers and crooks and workmate and thefts touching antifurto de celular . No need to please don’t touch my phone any more .
This don’t touch anything ,don t op touch and dont touch my phone app and privacy guard has a fantastic feature of detecting while some one touches yours phone on activation mode, don’t get your. don t touch my mobile rings a bell so its touch my phone alarm app and iantitheft for ring alarm on touch .

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